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This Toolkit is a practical resource to help you run a successful event in the capital, with a wealth of information, resources, and links for further reading. The key topics covered are listed here.


The key to delivering a successful event is the planning and preparation you put in long before your vision becomes a reality. This section will give you all the tools you need to get started.


Getting it, spending it, managing it - money.   Some useful information and advice on making sure you've got enough and it's budgeted correctly for your event to be a great success!


The legal aspects of planning an event need not be daunting! Stay on the right side of the law and learn about the different types of licences that you may need for your event.


Flyers, posters, press, websites, social media... get to grips with what could go into your marketing mix, starting with the very first step in the process -  an understanding of your audience.

Event Management

Know your Site Plan from your Event Plan, consider your impact on your neighbours, and learn what to do in the event of an emergency. As the scouts say, be prepared!

Health and Safety

Learn how to write a great Risk Assessment and get to grips with your responsibilities as an event organiser. Don’t be daunted - wise up with all the tips you need to deliver a safe event.


Events don't have to cost the earth! Recycling, responsible waste management, looking after the green spaces and more - everything you need to ensure your event leaves a lasting positive legacy.


Frequently asked questions about organising events.