Where to Start

There is a lot of government legislation that applies to events, and as a result getting permission to hold one can be daunting at the first attempt. This Toolkit is a practical resource to help you through this process, and sets out the key principles and procedures for making an application to your Borough.

It aims to keep you abreast of current legislation, provide all the information, resources and templates you need to deliver your event, and to promote best practice.

Where should you start using this Toolkit?

The Planning section will give you a good overview of all the considerations you need to work through before getting started on your event – so this is the first place to begin. You need to think about the nature of your event, your team, and the timescales required to obtain the necessary permissions.

What are the most important sections to read in the Toolkit?

Once you have a good overview of the process of starting your planning, the two topics that will really help you get to grips with organising a safe and well managed event are Event Management and Health and Safety. You need to allow a bit of time to work through each page in these sections in detail to give yourself a really good background to your legal responsibilities.

Each section of the toolkit contains useful and important information, so we advise you to invest some thought in each! The navigation panel is designed to make it easy for you to scroll your way through the key headings in the toolkit for a quick guide to the contents. As you hover over each tab, it will reveal the pages contained within that section.

How much time should you allow?

The more time you allow to plan for your event, the better it will be as this will allow you to raise the funding required, engage the local community, communicate with your stakeholders, think through your planning and market your event. You can consult the Timescales section for further information, but as a guide, allow between 6 months to a year to plan your event, depending on the licences you may need.

Looking for something?

The Search box at the top right hand side of this site allows you to search all of the content in the Toolkit using key words. Type the word into the white box, and click on ‘SEARCH’. If you cannot find what you are looking for, try another spelling, or reduce the number of words you are searching.

Wondering where to hold your event?

London offers a huge variety of locations, with some fantastic parks and open spaces. You can read the Borough Guide to see a map of the 33 Boroughs in the capital, and click through to their individual websites for further information on the spaces available for events.

Who do you contact to talk about your event?

Publicly owned land is primarily controlled through various Local Authority departments. To use an outdoor space such as a park or common, the Parks and Green Spaces Department (titles vary) of the relevant Local Authority should be contacted for advice.  You can read the Borough Guide to see a map of the 33 Boroughs in the capital, and click through to their individual websites for further information on the contacts to discuss your event.

What is in the Toolkit?

The key topics covered and a quick guide to the content contained within each section are listed below.


The key to delivering a successful event is the planning and preparation you put in long before your vision becomes a reality. This section will give you all the tools you need to get started.


Getting it, spending it, managing it – money.   Some useful information and advice on making sure you’ve got enough and it’s budgeted correctly for your event to be a great success!


The legal aspects of planning an event need not be daunting! Stay on the right side of the law and learn about the different types of licences that you may need for your event.


Flyers, posters, press, websites, social media… get to grips with what could go into your marketing mix, starting with the very first step in the process –  an understanding of your audience.


Know your Site Plan from your Event Plan, consider your impact on your neighbours, and learn what to do in the event of an emergency. As the scouts say, be prepared!


Learn how to write a great Risk Assessment and get to grips with your responsibilities as an event organiser. Don’t be daunted – wise up with all the tips you need to deliver a safe event.


Events don’t have to cost the earth! Recycling, responsible waste management, looking after the green spaces and more – everything you need to ensure your event leaves a lasting positive legacy.


Frequently asked questions about organising events.