Before you make any of your plans concrete – make sure you have enough time to complete any applications forms that may be required and allow enough time to gather permissions, complete your planning and to market your event. This could require anything from a few months, to upwards of a year.

Even if you do not need to apply for a licence for your event, it’s worth remembering that some Boroughs will have fixed timescales for applying for permission to use a site that you will need to adhere to. Once you have decided on your location, have a read through the Borough Guide for further information on the requirements of your local authority.

The time you will need to allow to plan your event will depend on the types of permissions you require, for example;

  • A Temporary Event Notice can be granted in 10 working days
  • A Premises Licence requires a minimum notice period of 28 days
  • A Road Closure can take upwards of 3 months

The categories below provide a guide to the approximate time you should allow dependant on the size and nature of your event. Please note that these are for guidance only, and you will need to consult the local authority in which you are holding the event for further guidance.

  • Small Events - events with audiences/attendees numbering under 500. Initial applications for small events should be submitted a minimum of 6 weeks before commencement of the event.
  • Medium Events – events with audiences/attendees attracting between 500 – 2000 attendees, or those events likely to require a Road Closure Order. (See Traffic Management section for further guidance). Initial applications for medium events should be submitted a minimum of 3 months before commencement of the event.
  • Large Events – events with audiences/attendees numbering 2000 or more, or those events which require a Premises Licence (See Types of Licence section for further guidance). Initial applications for large events must be submitted a minimum of six months before commencement of the event.

Depending on the nature, size and scale of your event, you may also need to obtain your own Premises Licence or Temporary Event Notice and adequate time must be allowed for this, according to the guidance in the Types of Licence section.

Remember you may also be in competition with other events for visitors, preferred dates, equipment hire such as marquees, toilets etc, so the sooner you book your requirements the sooner you can start planning the finer details of your event.