Tickets are most commonly used at events with an entry fee, but are also used at free to access events as a method of controlling maximum capacity or creating a sense of exclusivity.

Tickets can be used to:

  • Ensure guaranteed entry and organised seat allocation – such as at a circus.
  • Restrict maximum attendance to ensure you don’t exceed your venue’s capacity.
  • Pre-sale tickets create a commitment to attend, through the customer having invested in the purchase.

Entry Fees

If you are planning to charge entry to your event, be sure to research your competition so as to not price yourself out of the market.

Free Entry Tickets

If your event is ticketed, but free entry, be aware of the impact of outside forces, such as the weather turning bad, or serious disruption on the travel network, as either could result in your audience deciding to not struggle to reach your venue. One way to combat that outcome is to anticipate a degree of non-attendance and issue more tickets than your capacity; although this strategy requires you to be clear on your tickets that entry is based on a first come, first serve basis.