Know Your Audience

The importance of the simple statement ‘know your audience’ can be seen as fundamental, for both one off and recurrent events.  Ignoring or being ignorant of audience preferences and expectations can affect both the initial draw and subsequent return rates, and may well result in there being no audience at all. Thinking carefully about who your audience are, or are likely to be, can have a significant effect upon the ultimate success of your event.

A useful tool can be to split the different groups within your target audience into order of priority or significance. For example, in the case of a family focused festival in a central London park space:

  • Primary Target Audience: Central London residents with young families
  • Secondary Target Audience: Outer London residents with young families
  • Tertiary Target Audience: Tourists and day trippers with young families

Identifying these groups will then inform decisions you make as part of your event promotions.

If your event is recurrent, you should consider collecting audience data, so after the show you are able to compare your target audience with your actual audience.