Insurance is necessary. As an event organiser you are inviting members of the public into a premises/venue, contracting suppliers, employing staff, coordinating volunteers – and you have duties of care towards them. Although every effort should be made, no amount of planning will eliminate all risk and avoid all accidents; therefore having insurance cover for your potential liabilities is important and in some instances a legal requirement or condition of the venue.

Please note that the brief descriptions below are for reference only.

Public Liability.

Public Liability Insurance (PLI) is designed to cover your legal liability, following a successful claim by a member of the public or another business. Proof of Public Liability Insurance is often made a requirement for permission for your event to be granted.

Employers Liability.

Employers Liability cover is a legal requirement. Employers Liability insurance is designed to cover your legal liability, following a successful claim by anyone you employ at your event, including temporary staff and volunteers, paid or unpaid.

Equipment Replacement Values.

Event Equipment Replacement insurance provides cover for the loss of, or damage to equipment that you are responsible for during, and in association with your event.

Cancellation, Abandonment, Postponement.

Cancellation, abandonment and postponement insurance provides cover for any irrecoverable costs incurred due to an unavoidable occurrence of the above, as a result of reasons outside of your control. Examples of such reasons include extreme adverse weather conditions, wide spread power failure, illness of a performer central to your event.

Do others have insurance?

As an event organiser it is also good practice to ensure that others involved in your event, including all contractors and concession operators have insurance. This is often done by simply requesting a copy of their valid Public Liability Insurance certificate as proof of cover.