Your Responsibilities

Where members of the public are invited to participate in a staged and planned event, the responsibility, or duty of care, for public safety rests with the organiser and/or the owner of the property or land where such events are staged. This means that as the organiser, you have a duty of care for your audience.

A duty of care is a legal obligation requiring you to adhere to a reasonable standard of care while performing any acts that could foreseeably harm others. As an event organiser, you will always have a duty of care to people working at or visiting your event, and safety must always be the paramount consideration before, during and after your event, whatever the size.

Health and Safety legislation applies to all events.

It is your responsibility to ensure that health and safety legislation is adhered at all levels of management, from your senior event team through to event staff, contractors and sub-contractors. The implications of not considering your duty of care can be very serious, from major fines to imprisonment.

For this reason, it is best practice to have a competent, named person who is responsible for safety at your event – and for larger events there may be a need for a dedicated safety officer.

You will need to ensure that you have developed processes for managing health and safety, and that all documentation is available for your local authority to review in the event of an incident.