Safety Advisory Group

Each local authority has a Safety Advisory Group (SAG) to provide advice on event safety matters and to ensure that public safety is maintained. SAG’s consider all event-licensing requests and offer advice and guidance to all parties concerned.

The groups are made up of representatives from organisations such as:

  • Department representatives from the Local Borough Council
  • London Ambulance Service
  • London Fire Brigade
  • Metropolitan Police

SAG’s normally meet approximately once a month throughout the year to consider the progress of major events, as well as new applications. Depending on the nature and scale of the event you are making an application for, you may be invited to one of the Safety Advisory Group meetings to discuss the specifics of your proposal in more detail.

It is important that you meet the terms and conditions of the Safety Advisory Group, including adhering to all relevant legislation. Failure to follow this guidance may result in your licence being refused, revoked. Should you proceed with your event without following the guidance supplied, were there to be problem, you may be subject to legal action. The safety concerns and advice given by a SAG to event organisers will be documented. If an incident at occurs at your event which results in court or public enquiry proceedings, the SAG has an obligation to submit the investigating authorities of any advice given.