Few boroughs will be in a position to directly offer you funding for your event. They will however be able to offer you advice as to where you might be able to apply for funding and grants. If you are planning an event on behalf of a community group or organisation, you should consult with their managers to determine whether they have any available funds that they would be willing to put aside for your event.

You may find that many funding/grant offering bodies are more willing to “top-up” an existing budget rather than provide the budget in its entirety. Gathering funds through your own efforts will reflect enormously well on both you and your event.

Securing sponsorship and or an event partner will also indicate that your event is gaining support from other interested parties.

Before you approach your local authority to talk about the possibility of securing a grant or funding you should have your event plan completed. You should be able to give accurate details of any existing budget you have and what it will be used for and why. Not only should you have a clear idea of how much additional funding you are looking for, you should have a definite plan of how you plan to use it and why. Try to find out what the qualifying criteria are for the grants or funding you intend to apply for and put together your proposal/application well in advance as the process can be lengthy. Anyone considering offering you a grant or funding will quite naturally have a number of questions about both you and your proposed event. These may be covered in the written application process but you should be fully prepared for a telephone or even a face-to-face interview.