Event Management may sound like a daunting, but none the less exciting task. Essentially, it is the key principles underlying the planning of your event to ensure that it is well managed, safe and successful. Event Management requires a high awareness of Health and Safety, but this is not the only consideration. Health and Safety is a large and complex subject – so you can find further guidance on this in its own section here. This section deals with everything from writing your event plan, to designing your event site, to ensuring that you minimise the impact of your event on your neighbours.

The key document within the area of event management is the Event Management Plan. This document is not intended to be written in stone, it is a working document that will need to be amended and updated as you progress with your event. Further guidance on preparing your Event Management Plan can be found here.

A good starting point would be to consider the list below and how do you plan to ensure that these elements will be managed during your event. All events will need to consider the following:

  • adverse weather conditions
  • artist and audience profiles
  • children and vulnerable persons
  • communication systems
  • contracts, risk assessments and method statements
  • crowd management, security and stewarding
  • electrics and lights
  • emergency planning and accident reporting
  • environmental management
  • first aid and medical
  • food, drink, water
  • health and safety, including fire safety
  • information, signage and welfare
  • meeting special needs
  • media and marketing
  • planning and management
  • permissions and licensing
  • road closures and parking suspensions
  • sanitary facilities
  • security or policing
  • sound and noise control
  • structures and barriers
  • transport and parking
  • venue and site plans
  • waste and litter

There are several important stages in planning and delivering your event. Before you begin, take a look through this list and see if you have thought about everything you will need to create your event. Once you have considered the key aspects of your event, you will be in a good position to begin creating your Event Management Plan.