Event Plan

All events will need some type of Event Plan. The detail requested in each one will depend upon the size, scale and impact of your event.  This will be a live document which records the development of your event and records any agreements, changes or issues that may come up as your event progresses.  It also helps the local authority, stakeholders and multi-agencies to better understand your plans.

The strength and cohesion of your Event Plan will influence the key approvals, licenses and permissions you require to host your event.  Your Local Authority officer may be able to give you an event plan template to follow.  To begin with it is a good idea to have an outline of your event, which you can add detail to as your event takes shape.

A typical plan should include details of the following:

  • Event Description
  • A Profile of your expected audience
  • The capacity of your event area
Organisational structure – see Your Team 
  • Roles and Responsibilities
Insurance and liabilities – see Insurance
  • Security and Stewarding – see Security
Fire – see Welfare and Fire Safety
  • Traffic Management – see Traffic Management
Licensing and Permissions – see Licensing
  • Environmental Considerations – see Sustainability
Crowd Management – see Crowd Control
Emergency Procedures
Welfare and Information (this should include your Lost and Found Children procedures) - see Welfare and Lost Children
Accessibility – see Accessibility
Health and Safety Statement and Guidelines – see Health and Safety
  • Site Safety Risk Assessments – see Risk Assessments
Fire Risk Assessments - see Fire Safety

Who is it for?

Once you have had a thorough read of this toolkit, you should circulate an early version of your plan to the Council officer you are liaising with for the permissions or licence you need to hold your event, so that they can advise and feedback on the content. For help on who to contact in your Borough, have a look at the Borough Guide.

The following departments and agencies are the key people who will view and comment on your event plan;

  • Council (appointed officer dealing with your application) – See Permissions
  • Council (Licensing) - See Licensing
  • Council (Environmental Health)
  • Council (Highways and Traffic)
  • Police
/Security Contractor
/Fire Brigade
  • Safety Advisory Group (SAG) (Borough wide) - See Safety Advisory Group