Crowd Control

If your event is likely to attract a large number of participants or spectators you may need to employ security staff or stewards to help you keep your event running safely.

You will need to write a Security/Stewarding Plan, detailing the planned staff deployment. Often, the easiest and most effective way to do this is to annotate a copy of your site map. The information from this document will then also feed into your event risk assessments.

When planning the number of location of stewards and security for your event, it is important to recognise that not all crowds are the same. The nature of the activities at your event, the profile of your target audience, the time and the location of the event will all have a bearing the on numbers of security and stewards you will need, as well as the roles they will fulfil.

In most cases, security and stewards are supplied by a contractor. This underlines the need for a clear chain of command. The security and steward team should have a nominated supervisor who is the primary contact for the member of the event team in charge of event day operations. At events where the police are planned to be present throughout, a written memorandum of understanding, detailing responsibilities and exceptional circumstances, should be drawn up between all parties.

Your stewarding plan will be informed by your emergency evacuation planning.