Borough Guide

Why hold an event in London?

London has a long tradition of producing world class festivals and cultural events that gain national and international recognition. From Notting Hill to Carnaval del Pueblo, A Baishakhi Mela on Brick Lane to Dagenham Town Show, whether it’s on a housing estate, on public roads or in a local park, the 33 boroughs support thousands of festivals and cultural events bringing together millions of people, playing an important part in creating a dynamic and exciting world city.

Map of London Boroughs

Map of London Boroughs

About London’s Boroughs

The map above illustrates the Borough boundaries, which will help you determine which Borough you need to contact to discuss your event. H&F is Hammersmith and Fulham. K&C is Kensington and Chelsea. The present boroughs of London were constituted in 1965.

Royal Boroughs

Kensington and Chelsea, Kingston upon Thames and Greenwich are Royal Boroughs. The latter is recently honoured (2010), in recognition of its many centuries of close association with the Crown, to mark the diamond jubilee of Elizabeth II.

The Cities of London

Westminster is a city in its own right, as of course is the City of London. The former is also a conventional Borough, the latter is a special case – a ‘unique authority’. The City of London provides local government and policing services for the financial and commercial heart of Britain, the ‘Square Mile’.

Inner and Outer London

On the map above, the boroughs of Inner London are tinted darker than those of Outer London. When the Greater London Council (GLC) was established in 1965, twelve boroughs and the City of London were designated as constituting Inner London. After the demise of the GLC, a revised definition was introduced that excluded Greenwich and included Haringey and Newham.

Contacting your Borough

The list below provides a link to each of the Borough websites, where you can find out further information on who to contact an how to liaise with your local authority to deliver your event.