The London Events Toolkit is a practical resource to help Londoners run a successful and well planned event in the capital. It combines an essential set of principles, standards and guidelines with clear, concise information to help organisers deliver safe, well managed and high quality events.

London has a long tradition of producing world class festivals and cultural events that gain national and international recognition. From Notting Hill to Carnaval del Pueblo, A Baishakhi Mela on Brick Lane to Dagenham Town Show, whether it’s on a housing estate, on public roads or in a local park, the 33 boroughs support thousands of festivals and cultural events bringing together millions of people, playing an important part in creating a dynamic and exciting world city.

There are increasing demands on events professionals, and on the London boroughs as gatekeepers to public spaces.  Whilst it is important to actively encourage community groups and individuals to develop festivals and cultural events, they need to be equipped with the necessary skills to run successful, safe and quality events.

London Events Forum (LEF) was formed in October 2008 to provide an improvement network for event professionals working within local government across London.  Our members are responsible for producing and hosting thousands of events every year with audiences into the millions and huge levels of community participation.

LEF have been working with partners to raise the profile of the important work of local government events professionals in London, to develop ways to improve current processes, develop skills, support peers and create new ways of working.

This project forms part of the wider London Cultural Improvement Programme for London which is being funded by London’s Improvement and Efficiency Partnership (Capital Ambition) and a consortia of cultural sector partners.